So that these letters will make more sense for those of you less familiar with Mormon terminology, I decided I'll start compiling an alphabetical list of terms Stephanie uses in her letters.

If you have questions about anything, terminology or otherwise, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail Stephanie directly! She'd be more than happy to explain something to you.

District: this term has a slightly different meaning in the MTC than it does when she's out in the "field" (Salem, Oregon). In the training center, a district is the group of missionaries you do everything with. In the field, a district is generally made up of the missionaries in a given area, with a district leader (one of the missionaries) who the other missionaries call or talk to when they need to. Several districts make up a zone. 

MTC: Missionary Training Center.

P-day: Short for preparation day. One day of the week set aside for recreation, letter-writing, shopping, cleaning, etc. (See how urban dictionary defines it.)

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