Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No tiempo!

This will be short and sweet and to the point.

  • Hermana Sorensen and I are celebrating our one-month anniversary today. Hoping for more but probably not because she is going to be getting her visa soon, we are sure!
  • Spanish branch will be effective within the next 45 days.
  • We will be getting Spanish elders to help with the new branch. We sisters will no longer be in Council Creek ward once branch is started.
  • We contacted 10 out of our 14 referrals. have 4 new investigtors. Yahoo!
  • had to teach District meeting Friday morning about "how to use time wisely." Didn't know we were teaching untilThursday night.
  • Spent P-day shopping, emailing, and playing Balderdash at the Harwards (He is assistant ward mission leader). Most hilarious game ever.

Quick message:
my brother-in-law Max sent me the best quote ever the other day:

"You are not responsible for the birds that land in your branches. But you ARE responsible for those that nest. so SHAKE YOUR TREE!!"

he continued to say,

"we cannot control every little thought that comes into our minds. so don't beat yourself up for the millions of thoughts that pass through every day. none of them reveal any more about you and your character than the freckle on your nose! so shake your tree, make sure the thoughts that 'nest' are those that will help you to the next person seeking the truth."
and shaking your tree will help you live in the now, will help you be changed by the moments, and will help the spirit be with you always!"

This is me talking now:

Everytime we have an ill thought in our mind, don't let it "NEST!" Whether it be about yourself, about a friend, or about that weird toothless guy smiling at you, think nice things. You never know what that other person is going through.

Love you all!
Love all the letters and kind words of support, getting letters is like getting presents at Christmas.
Hermana Blanchard


Side note: If you'd like to send Stephanie a letter or package, send it to: 

Hermana Blanchard
700 Deborah Rd. Suite 260
Newberg, OR 97132
(permanent, but not direct -- if sent here, they will be forwarded to her)

Tips: she loves stickers (so send her a sheet and/or put them on your letter!), Lord of the Rings, chewing gum, corny jokes...

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