Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

¡Feliz día de las madres!

I'm so very grateful for the wonderful mother in my life!!!! I would not even be here if it wasn't for my mom making the decision to rear her children in the church. I love her more than an email can possibly express, so to make up for it, I want everyone who reads this to give my mom a big ol' hug next time you see her. You can make it as long and awkward for her as you want, and tell her it's from me! :)

Milagro este semana:

One day, Hermana Macias and I saw an elderly man in a wheelchair on the side of the road, one wheel up on the sidewalk, one in the actual street. He looked liked he had a handle on things and was rather calm but he hadn't moved from his position for awhile. We drove last but we both had a distinct prompting to turn around and help him.

As we approached him, he looked rather annoyed! We offered our help but he bitterly refused and called his friend to come and help him. Though I heard (yes, even I heard this) the person on the other end of the phone hang up, he still kept it up to his ear to show that he didn't want to talk to us. We were quite perplexed and a little sad
that he wouldn't accept our help though at any second he can accidentally roll into the rather busy street.

Just a few feet away was a little orange tienda outside. It's just a little tent on the side of the busy road and they sell these big bags of oranges for 5 bucks! We walked over and began to talk to the owner, named Juan Carlos. Turns out he had seen missionaries before in Mexico long ago walking around, and he had just moved up for a few months from California to do his business. Originally he was only supposed to be here for a month, but then his boss asked him to stay until November!

We've been going to his tienda and teaching him in between customers and he just loves hearing what we have to say! He asks us to come by soon each time we leave. He reads and pray about the Book of Mormon and is starting to know that it is true. Just this weekend, he came to the Mother's Day Activity, and we gave him a church tour.

It was just a little reminder to me to always follow the Spirit. And boy, does He work in mysterious ways! We thought we were turning around for the little old man stuck on the road, but we really turned around the man in  the tienda next door.

The prompting to turn around was so small, yet significant, and we almost overlooked it and kept on driving! It is so important to do all those small and simple things so that we can be worthy of the Spirit!
You just never know exactly why you are prompted to do things. It will almost never be what you expect.

Remember, obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles! Let us all try to find those little cracks in our obedience, however big or small, so that we can better heed to the promptings to the
Spirit. I sure do have a heck of a lot to work on, but I can tell that the more obedient and faithful I am, the stronger the promptings come! We can all use some more heavenly direction and guidance no matter
what our circumstances be; a missionary preaching the gospel or a person feeling overwhelmed or lost by the everyday stresses of life. 
I love you all!

Hermana Blanchard

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