Monday, August 4, 2014


Friday night Gabino Rodriguez Soto was baptized!
It had been an up-down week - Gabino had some doubts toward the earlier week and at one point I even questioned if he would still get baptized - MAN, does Satan work hard. It's unbelievable. Buuut we worked even harder, and as we sat and prayed with him and read with him, we could feel the Spirit every time we came, no matter how bad of a day he was having.

The room was packed (and very very hot) but there was such an amazing spirit in the room - every member we brought to all the lessons all came. Gabino's non-member family came. And many others who didn't even know Gabino came as well. I loved seeing every chair filled!! It just goes to show what this work is all about - we are family. All brothers and sisters of a lovely Heavenly Father, bringing one more lost sheep back into the fold.
As for transfers, I AM STILL HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm still with Hermana Macias. I have just completed a little less than 9 months here, and after this transfer, I will have been here for 10 months. That is insane!
I love the work! I know that there are more prepared people out there like Gabino, who are just walking along in life but really don't have any idea what they are missing. There is somebody in each of our lives who is being prepared by the Lord! I hope you have responded to my last invitation to pray about these people, and to pray about how you can help these people take that next step.There really is no time to lose!
Love you all! Until next week!
Hermana Blanchard

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