Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hola from the MTC!

What. A. Week.

When I first arrived to the MTC, three very enthusiastic sisters took me in after  the grandparents, Max & Betsy, and Alex & Ashley dropped me off. Slightly intimated but very very thankful, they cheerfully help me get set up and situated. They took me to class, and dropped me off, and there I was to wait until the rest of my district and my companera show up. One by one, the elders of my district came in. Elder Escobar, Elder Igna, Elder Guevara, Elder Tapia, Elder Vega, Elder Flores Rodriguez....if the names don't give it away already, yes I am about 20 shades whiter than everyone in my district. And for almost the entire first day, I was the only girl. We traveled in a herd around the MTC, the teachers told my group that "they needed to watch me" since I didn't have a companion. Hahaha...if you can imagine that for a sight!

Eventually my companion did come though, and her name is Hermana Tapia (no relation to Elder Tapia). She is from Chile orignally, but grew up in Miami. She is INCREDIBLE! You have no idea how bad my Spanish is compared to these guys...I understand probably only 60% of what's going on, but she is the most patient person I know! And believe it or not, we have the same sense of humor (I know, YIKES), and she's a soccer player. She has it rough though because when we teach the lessons I can only say a few things, so she probably directs like most of the teaching. She's kinda shy about the teaching, so I definitely know why the Lord has put us together. It's funny how He works sometimes :) 

My district is pretty amazing as well. They are so hilarious...and this is me saying that when I only understand half their jokes! They like to make fun of what I say a lot, one time I said "jesus washes away our fish" ("fish" is really close to "sin" in Spanish...) and they thought that was just the most hilarious thing ever. Ohhh well. And they definitely look out for me. I'm like a rollercoaster with my confidence, one moment I'm SO SO excited that I'm finally learning the entire conversations, and then the next moment I'm on the verge of tears (or past that haha) because I think I will NEVER EVER LEARN IT! The teachings have been so rough. Sometimes I get so lost in the language that I can rescue my companion whenever she needs help. We've gotten stuck a few times, and I know it's my fault.

But last night I received 7 letters, one from each of the members in my district, and they all expressed their faith in me in learning the language and they gave me a lot of assurance. Boy, I am going to miss them when I leave.

My approximate MTC departure is July 24th. Holy cow, right? I'm a little skeptical because my Spanish is not up to par and I may need to stay longer, but that is the plan!

I know that the Lord knows the needs of each and every one of us. Being at the MTC has been so hard on me, but also so wonderful, it is so hard to explain. Arguably this is one of the most trying times of my life. But I know that I will learn, and grow, and then progress. He certainly does NOT answer our prayers that we would like him too, but ALWAYS in the way that is best for you. I always believed that to be true, but I believe it now more than ever. I know I am where I am supposed to be. He will not lighten my burdens but give me the strength to carry them. I am so blessed for this opportunity and for everyone's loving support because I desperately have needed it. I love you all with all my heart.

With love,
Hermana Blanchard

With her MTC companion.
Her missionary nametag.
Letters from the people in her district.

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