Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

Sooo, I LOVE my new companion. MAN! I tell you, I have been so lucky with my companions. But then it makes me think maybe I'm "that one companion" that everyone has to have eventually on their mission and I just have no idea...oh well. Ignorance is clearly bliss.
Besides our normal weekly lessons, all this week we have been crankin' out the Spanish list given to us by the Stake President. We have been locating people left and right and inviting them to help "build Zion" and be a part of the branch. (Hermana Cardon and I have decided we can be compared with professional stalkers....). A lot of these families have only one or two members who speak Spanish and the rest speak English, but they all willingly accepted the invitation. I think I feel just a teensy-weensy bit of what Brigham Young felt when he told all the members of the church to head west. I couldn't even imagine the amount of faith that must have taken to even ask such a thing, I already feel burdensome with asking members to just do these small acts of pioneering.
Sister Gee* went through the temple this week. It was so beautiful and she was in tears by the end! She has worked so hard to get up this point. And now, she gets to be with her husband forever.
For those who are unfamiliar with what the temple is/does,

It's the Lord's holy house on the earth today. There are about 141 temples all across the world! In the temple we are taught, we make covenants, and we are promised blessings. We receive ordinances that allow us to live with our families and with Heavenly Father again for all eternity! Surely, a place like that can't be so bad.
I love the temple! We are so blessed to have these beautful buildings so accessible. Take advantage of it. If you haven't gone through in a while, make a goal to go as soon as you can! Surely life cannot be so busy that you can afford to miss these blessings. If you have never gone through before, make a goal to find out how to get there, and then do it. :)
Thank you for all your letters/packages/prayers/kind words and thoughts. They all go a long way. :) Never do I feel alone or homesick because I am constantly reminded each day of your love and support. I love knowing how you all are doing! I may not have time to write back right away, but I ALWAYS write back.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Blanchard

*names have been changed

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