Monday, November 25, 2013

Choo Choo TRAIN

So, this week I am getting transferred out of my first and only area, Cornelius.
To sum up the 3 transfers (July 25th to November 25th, 4 months) I have been here, Sister Reeder and I were the first sisters here in many years, Hermana Sorensen and I began the processing for getting a Spanish branch, and Hermana Cardon and I have invited all members across the stake to come and create Sión (Zion) here in Cornelius. All we are waiting for is the approval from Salt Lake for green light to start the weekly meetings. We were told 90 days at most, which would mean the month of December will determine whether or not the branch is happening. But like I said, I will not be here for that :(
I am being sent to the largest Spanish branch in the mission in Hayesville, Oregon on Thursday the 28th and I will be training a brand new missionary. I will be training her for 2 transfers, which is 12 weeks, which is 3 months. Yes, President Samulian is CRAZY. But he is also inspired, and I know he thinks I am prepared. At least, prepared enough. "Sister Blanchard, this will be your finest hour."
My new companion will be a native from Mexico. I asked President, "Will she speak any English?" After a pause, "...English will be your second language."
My new companion and I will be the very first sisters in the branch, ever. And again, I will be sharing the branch with Elders, but TWO sets of Elders this time. Six missionaries in this branch. The work must be booooming there!
So, I am going from being having no branch, no Spanish missionaries within 50 miles, an English-as-a-first language and experienced companion, to the COMPLETE OPPOSITE!!! Heavenly Father, the Almighty Comedian. He sure is hilll-arious.
Watch out for my next email, break out Google translate. I probably won't even remember English anymore! (But seriously if I don't learn Spanish by the end of this next transfer I don't even know what I'll do, haha)
I will surely miss Cornelius will all my corazón. Oh "Little Mexico," "Oregon's Family Town," your authentic tamales and carne asada will be missed. But more importantly, I will always remember your potential to become as a little Kingdom of God! I am so sad to not see the branch be formed while I am there but Sister Cardon is an outstanding and hardworking missionary and there is no one else I would rather leave the "reins" with! I'm going to miss her terribly. I can't even explain how amazing it is with all the friends you make on your mission, and you just know the friendships won't end with a transfer call.
I know the Lord has a plan of each of us, and He perfectly places people and places in our paths. This next step I take in my journey is to Haysville, Oregon, where I don't know how to train or speak Spanish or to be a good missionary yet but He never sends us to places where we are meant to fail. This doesn't just apply to me or for just missionaries, but it applies to all people in all circumstances. Our prophet today Thomas S. Monson has said, "your responsibility to endure is uniquely yours. But you are never alone."
Whatever trial, sorrow, mistake, change, transfer, comes your way or mine, let us remember that we are never, ever alone!
Thanks for all love and letters and packages! Love you all!
Hermana Blanchard

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