Monday, December 2, 2013

Bienvenidos a Salem

So I live in the northern part of Salem! It has every place you can think of out here (minus El Tio Pepe and Paul's Donuts...for that my heart will always long for good ol' St. Peters and St. Chuck)

My new companion/trainee is Hermana Stephanie Perez from Somerset, New Jersey. Not only does she have such an attractive first name, she is a phenomenal missionary. I could write an essay on how wonderful she is, but for now, I will just say she is nothing less than an angel... her veil is probably just a few threads thin. Meanwhile, mine is like

There is so much work to do here we don't even know where to begin.

My first church meeting on Sunday was 100% in Spanish. It was awesome...I mean bueno. I am actually picking up more and more, but it's still hard. Luckily my companion is bilingual and is a quick translator.

Not much to say except that I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Alas, it's the Christmas season. The time where we are relaxing after finals, singing to Christmas music, waiting for Santa, shopping like crazy, hanging up lights, pouting because of the Turkey-day weight gain, drinking hot cocoa and whatever else.

Christ-más. "More Christ" in Spanglish. Let's remember who this holiday is really about, our Savior Jesus Christ. Alma 7 :)
Con mucho amor,

Hermana Blanchard

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