Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Primary Songs

Lo siento, this will be short. But just a few cool things to mention:
-This week we committed THREE people to baptism! They all said yes, but....they all speak Spanish. And there is no Spanish branch. Sometimes I have to remind myself that patience is a virtue...I know the Lord's time is a lot different than our time.
-Sister Cardon is the bomb.com
-On church this Sunday, the Robinson* family who hasn't been to church in years, showed up unexpectantly. The two kids are extremely shy and we've been teaching them and Alex* on a weekly basis. They showed up an hour late in jeans, t-shirts, and tennis-shoes, but it didn't matter because they CAME. This little family consisted of a dad named Alex*, who is a hard-working janitor at the local high school, and two of his kids, 10-year-old Steve* and 8-year-old Sierra*, who have never been to church before. At least, not for years. Alex* is in the middle of a rough divorce and things have been tough. But, they CAME!
Church is three hours long, and they missed the first hour which is Sacrament meeting, but all 3 of them came and sat with us in the 2nd hour, which was the Gospel Principles class (Sunday school). The 3rd hour however is separated in gender and age groups, the adult men go to one classroom, adult women in another, 12-18 women in another, and 12-18 boys in another. And all children 12 and under, go to Primary.
When we invited Steve and Sierra to Primary after sunday school, they said they were too scared to go, especially by themselves..........
So I can't say my primary attendance as a kid was exactly bueno but as I sat there, in the back of the primary room, waaay too tall for the chair I was sitting in, I still really enjoyed listening to the songs the kids sang. I could tell Steve and Sierra were glad that I didn't know any of the words as much as they didn't and we had a great time mumbling the words, trying not to stick out more than we already did. It's a good thing I'm an excellent hummer.
Time is so short! and I realize and apologize that I'm starting to sound like an Elder Blanchard we used to know...
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Blanchard

*Names changed

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