Friday, November 15, 2013

So here's a story

So here's a story.

I went on exchanges (whenever you switch companions for a day) with Sister Renslow (Sister Training Leader, basically the "Jefe" over a small group of sisters in the mission) on Saturday.

We were invited to a clothes exchange at the church building for the ward, (where you bring your old clothes and you can pick out new ones) and apparently there is always a wave of hispanics that come in and shop. We though it would be a good opportunity to find and talk to people. We get there, was abandoned. We missed the hispanic-tide. A few people were there shopping, looking around, but we knew it was time to go. We were kinda bummed, but out of the blue we decided to text one of our key investigators Nora* to see if she wanted to come. We stayed for ten minutes for any stragglers, then left and did some tracting (knocking door to door). A few minutes and a few rejections later, we found a guy to teach, named Eric, a young hispanic adult who was both super nice and super inerested in learning more.

Then we go out to lunch, and we get a text saying "Yo voy." which means "I'm going" and it was from Nora! We rushed back to the church building, which was ten minutes away, and she was there, along with her two kids and her sister. They brought in a huuuge laundry basket full of clothes. They shopped for a few minutes but I realized that this was the first time one of our Spanish investigators had been in a church building!!! I told this to Sister Renslow and she said, "Church tour. Let's do this." So we approach Nora while she was looking at the books section. She was holding a donated "Gospel Principles" manual. She asked to have a copy in Spanish and if she could have one for her sister, too. (Awesome.) Then we asked if she'd like a tour of the building, she said, "si!!" (even more awesome.) We gave her a tour and since my companion was not Spanish-speaking, I had to give it in the most Spanish I coud muster. It was amazing, and they loved the tour.

Now, had any of this happened if I had not sent that simple text about an innocent clothes exchange? I don't think so! You may get sick of this topic, but member missionary work is easier than you think. Some people think of missionary work as having to turn to the random stranger next to you when your washing hands in the bathroom and pull out the Book of Mormon and tell them all about Joseph Smith and Moroni and the three Nephites and how we can be sealed together forever and ever and how we have a prophet today and on and on....

Although I am sure that has worked somewhere sometime, missionary work can be as simple as inviting them to a local or stake event. Young Women's Jewelry Activity this next Wednesday! I'm fairly sure Mormons are not the only ones who enjoy accessorizing themselves. Chili Cook-off! I'm also fairly sure Mormons are not the only people who enjoy a good pot o' chili. Ward Christmas Party! Do I need to say more? These simple things can be innocent yet powerful way to introduce the church.

If you are so entirely sick of the topic of member missionary work, ask yourselves, "well.....have I actually done anything about it since the last time I have heard a talk on members as missionaries?" if the answer is yes, then I don't think you'd be sick of hearing about it, because there is always a subtle joy that comes from inviting. If the answer is no, then now you why we have so many talks about member missionary work...

Remember the answer is ALWAYS NO if you never ask! Kinda goes along with that "the dumbest questions is the one you never ask" kinda thing.

Anyway, I LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for all the love and support and packages and goodies.

Hermana Blanchard

*Name changed

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