Monday, December 30, 2013


The work in the area is steadily increasing. We've had a few miracles this week! We met Oliver* off the street, a middle-aged man who talked us for 20 minutes who was sick of how he was living life and just wanted to change. And later that day while looking for David*, we met his brother Ethan*, who was a young man (already a member, the only member in his family) who has been trying to go back to church but just didn't know where to start. Things are finally looking up, and we can see the Lord's hand in preparing these people to receive the gospel.

Nothing beyond the small simple miracles this week. Really enjoyed talking to the family on Navidad! We all know the Blanchards to be kinda odd and socially awkward, but they're irreplaceable, and I'm grateful for them for exactly how they are.


FELIZ ANO NUEVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*in 2 days because I can't email until next week)

For New Year's we have to be in by 7:00pm on Tuesday night and we will be watching" Ephraim's Rescue" on Wednesday. I've never seen it, but word has it that it is incredible!

What are your goals for the upcoming year?

New Year Resolutions for me:
Read Jesus the Christ
Finish Book of Mormon again in English
Finish Book of Mormon in Spanish
Read New and Old Testament again in English
Talk to EVERYONE, no exceptions
Have more efficient language studies
Write the padres once a week
Read a chapter of the Book of Mormon and a chapter in Predicad Mi Evangelio right before bed every night.
No french fries (curse you McDonald's three blocks away)

President Faust once said, "Each one of us has been given the power to change his or her life. As part of the Lord’s great plan of happiness, we have individual agency to make decisions. We can decide to do better and to be better. In some ways all of us need to change; that is, some of us need to be more kind at home, less selfish, better listeners, and more considerate in the way we treat others. Some of us have habits that need to be changed, habits that harm us and others around us. Sometimes we may need a jolt to propel us into changing."

We all know New Year's to be that exciting time of the year, a time where we can set goals to change any aspect of our life's current circumstances. Sometimes it's that "jolt" to propel us into changing. Whether it's to lose weight, save money for a house, work out more, eat fast food less, find a job, go to college, read the scriptures every night, pray more often, write more letters to your favorite missionaries (hint hint)'s that time of the year we tend to be the most brave, the most willing to change.

But if you are anything like me, the second you break your goals (i.e. give in to buying McDonald's french fries, go to bed before reading the scriptures because you were "exhausted," don't write a letter to your parents once a week because you know they will love you anyway...) you will immediately get discouraged and say, "well, I already broke my french-fry-fast. It's over. Looks like giving up these crispy golden greasy deliciousness will just have to wait for 365 days!)

Thanks to the Atonement and to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we don't have to wait another year to make a change in our lives. It can seriously feel like "New Year's" any time of the year! 

President Faust continued, "...If we will turn to the Lord and believe on His name, we can change. He will give us the power to change our lives, the power to put away bad thoughts and feelings from our hearts. We can be taken from “the darkest abyss” to “behold the marvelous light of God” (Mosiah 27:29). We can be forgiven. We can find peace."

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is not only to clean us, to irradiate our sins. It is also available to change us. To help us become the people we were meant to become. It's not just to make bad people good, it's also there to help good people to become even better.

"The gospel of Jesus Christ can help us set short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals by teaching us who we are, where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. With this knowledge, a person will have greater strength to improve."
-Marvin J. Ashton

I love you all very much! Be wise in choosing your New Year's goals and always remember that it is never too late to change. It's never late to turn it around, and it is certainly never to late to call on your Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ to help and guide you.

Hermana Blanchard

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