Monday, June 2, 2014


One of our investigators came to church, Pablo, and he went up and
bore his testimony on Ether 12:27! It was his first time coming to
church. So amazing to see people accept the Book of Mormon into their
lives. Afterwards we taught him the RestauraciĆ³n and I recited the
first vision and you could just feel the Spirit so strong.

The Lord is preparing people to receive the gospel. We were blessed to
have Elder Martino and his wife from the seventy come for a mission
tour last week, and the things he said were incredibly inspired and an
unbelievable help for us missionaries. Throughout the meeting he
talked a lot about faith and how important members are to missionary
work and how we need to find our "Amuleks" to help us find and teach
those people who are prepared. He related a lot of things to Alma
chapter 8 and10. Alma comes into Ammoniah, the town seemingly hopeless
in terms of missionary work, and he is welcomed into the home of
Amulek, who can be compared to a "less-active" member of the church.
Amulek had described the experience:  "[Alma] blessed mine house, he
hath blessed me, and my women, and my children, and my father and my
kinsfolk; yea, even all my kindred hath he blessed, and the blessing
of the Lord hath rested upon us according to the words which he
spake." (Alma 10:11).

After Alma had served Amulek and his friends and his family, Amulek
becomes "reactivated" and newly inspired to heed to the works of The
Lord and join Alma in the work. Alma and Amulek, as the ultimate
missionary companionship, go forth and preach to the people. Amulek
testifies of the words of Alma:

"'And again, I know that the things whereof he hath testified are
true; for behold I say unto you, that as the Lord liveth, even so has
he sent his angel to make these things manifest unto me; and this he
has done while this Alma hath dwelt at my house...'
...And now, when Amulek had spoken these words the people began to be
astonished, seeing there was more than one witness who testified of
the things whereof they were accused, and also of the things which
were to come, according to the spirit of prophecy which was in
them."(Alma 10:12)

Who was the better teacher? Alma. But who was the "atonisher?" That
would be Amulek.

Bottom line, we missionaries need you members. We need your
testimonies. Amulek didn't know everything, he was less active for a
while and he didn't know everything like the prophet Alma knew. But he
testified and bore witness of the things he knew to be true, and THAT
is what "astonished" the people, that is what helped these people feel
the Spirit and make the decision to get closer to their Savior Jesus

I extend the invitation to you all to do is you see missionaries
around you, take a chance and offer to go to a lesson or accompany
them. Don't wait for the missionaries to come to you; we don't always
know who is willing to go out with us and sometimes, we don't always
know what we're doing in the first place haha. Help us help you
perform missionary work. Every member is a missionary, let us join
forces and together we shall rule the galaxy...err, accomplish
phenomenal missionary work :)

Love you all!

Hermana Blanchard

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