Monday, June 9, 2014

Amulek part 2

To follow up on last week's theme of member missionary work, I wanted to share a few things that happened recently.

There is this amazing young woman named Karen who was baptized about 2 years ago and she has a little boy named Dominic. She hasn't been to church in a long while. My companions and I have visited her from time
to time simply to check in on her to see how she was doing, but the answer was always the same "I don't want to go because I don't have a car and I don't like asking the other hermanas in the Rama for one." A somewhat respectable answer, as it has also been an issue in the Rama where people were depending too much on other people for rides and not making enough effort on their own part.

But starting about a month ago, she started texting us questions about the gospel. She had been reading the Book of Mormon lately, and questions came into her mind and heart as she has been reading and praying. She has come to church for three weeks in a row. As we gladly sat and talked with her and answered her questions, we could see her testimony grow and grow.  We could see her desire for change in her own life so she could better the life of her son.

Now last week, driving down Lancaster road I "accidentally" missed my turn and therefore had to find an opportunity to turn around. We ended up pulling into Karen's complex in order to make a u-turn. As we pulled in, we saw a young girl crying and running angrily toward the apartments. She looked so upset and so we decided to be a little creepy and watch which door she went in so that we could "blindly" knock on it. As we did, she looked so happy to see us and told us that she has been thinking that she needed God in her life. Her name is Tania. She described to us that her family has no unity and that they don't really talk to each other. We asked if she knew Karen at the other side of the complex (It's a big complex). And she said, "what! you know Karen? Karen and I were friends! Just haven't talk to her in awhile."

Now it all started to make sense. Karen was being prepared by The Lord to be an "Amulek" for Tania. Her recent activity in the church and growing testimony is not only blessing her life and her son's, but it also has the potential to bless the life of her friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. We invited Tania to come to church, and she happily said "yes."

Yesterday, Sunday,Tania kept her promise and we saw her at church! Though we had only briefly met her once before and only for about 20 minutes, she was ready to learn and change her life. We were just soo happy to see her! And she was so happy to be here. "I could be here all day," she said, just after 2nd hour was finished.

Following 2nd hour was sacrament meeting. Karen and her little boy Dominic accompanied Hermana Macias, Tania and I in one of the middle rows of the chapel. It was literally the perfect situation; missionary, member, nonmember, other missionary. Karen bore a sweet and simple testimony of how much she loved being at church, "it really is...just so much better this way!" They immediately clicked. Members from the branch also gave her a warm and hearty welcome.

Tania later reports, "This place just feels so right...and I've been to lots of different churches before. I just love the vibe here, I don't know! But I'll definitely be back. I'm bringing my brother and my mom too. I wanna come back here."

The power of the members is so significant yet often overlooked. Now Tania has a friend, not only a friend but a neighbor, who she can talk to whenever she has questions or concerns about the gospel. She has someone to help her along the way. Someone to guide her as she comes to know more about her Savior Jesus Christ.

I just want to bare my testimony that there is a neighbor, a friend, a coworker, or even a mere acquaintance in your life that you are here to help. Pray to know who it may be. Then pray to know how you can best help this person become closer to Christ. God has perfectly placed someone within the boundaries of your life for you to rescue and guide. We all need The Lord. And The Lord needs you. You can do this! Or in the language of my people, ¡SĂ­ se puede!

Have a wonderful, missionary-opportunity-filled week!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Blanchard

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