Monday, July 7, 2014


I ran out if time this week, but I just want to bare a simple and short testimony that I think parents are incredible.

On two different occasions we've seen such strong mothers in the church just break down in tears by us asking them the simple questions of "how are you doing?" and "how is your family?" Though faithful and diligent, both these strong women have been watching their children fall further and further away from God and choosing paths that are much bumpier and longer than the path of obedience and faithfulness. It was sooo hard for me to see these women cry but little do they see
how much they have grown from these hard experiences!! They are more reliant and trusting in The Lord than ever before. They are kinder and more charitable than ever before. Their light and example have been a beacon for many, many people.

I just want to say to those with either wayward children or a disunited family that God isn't punishing you. There are precious truths and principles of the gospel that He needs you to put into
practice and to develop. He wants your family to be united and happy EVEN MORE than you want it to be. The temples are a place of hope and eternal joy; it is not a far fetched dream that can only be obtained in fairytale novels. It is not just for a select few members of the church, or for those seemingly perfect Mormon families. It is intended  for everyone! Never forget that God isn't just our Almighty Creator but he is literally our Father.

Parents you have more power than you can possibly imagine. I can't tell you how many children and have been lost but then found because of the fervent examples of their parents. It took a lot of patience, and a lot of faith. Everyone has their agency, and we know when we choose the path of the world, we inevitably are hit with storm after storm. The key to parenting is loving our children despite it, and for always showing them, by example, where they can turn to when the water
seems too deep to handle.

I'm SO grateful for my mom taking me to church for all those years, though I didn't want to go or  didn't understand the importance of it. I remember mocking and making fun of the things that were done, and I remember not living the way I should have been. But when my own personal storms came, much later in my life, and the road just became too dark to see, that's when I remembered where I could go to find light. That's when I thirsted to know more about the gospel and that's when I decided to make God be a part of my life.

Whether it is in this life or the next, the blessings of united families will come according to our  faithfulness and obedience. But the blessings will come. Stay true to The Lord and the covenants you made. Pray for your family. Have faith that our Father in heaven will answer them.

Just felt like I should share that this week.

Love you all,

Hermana Blanchard

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